The Birth | RZA | The Birth of a Prince

"Ever since my Birth (no one there!)
I’ve had no one to care (worried all I know… yeah!)

They say wisdom, is the wise words spoken
By a brother attemptin’ to open
The graves, of these mentally dead slaves
Who’ve been lost on a cross, for decades
And centuries, lookin’ for the liberty
But receive nothin’, but misery
And hard times, and things of that nature
By the devil in a genocide caper
Little Boy Peep, has lost his sheep
But I found ‘em, in a deep long sleep
Nine thousand miles away from home
Livin’ the life of a modern-day Flintstone
We the people, supposed to be equal
But the men who wrote that, they was evil
Slave owners, who did not include us
They just used us, and abused us
First they trick you, then mentally kill you
And use technologies, to rebuild you
This whole plan was a perfect scam
See that’s why they called it, the Six Million Dollar Man
Six is the limitation of the Devil
In the Million square miles of land that he settles
Put you in a three piece suit, give you loot
Chemicals in your head to make you look cute
They use you as a fool to deceive your own people
And fillin’ my children head with pins and needles
But I’ll take out the pins you inserted
And I’ll avenge all my mothers that you murdered
And brutalized, by this modern form of slavery
To speak the truth it takes bravery
And no man could stop my flow
Because I know what I speak and I speak what I know”


"Otherside" by Red Hot Chili Peppers

How long, how long, will I slide
Separate my side, I don’t 
I don’t believe it’s bad
Slittin’ my throat
It’s all I ever

Pink Floyd | Wearing the Inside Out

Message From Poet | Blaq Poet | Rewind (Deja Screw)


…someone lead a pack of super-villains into the bomb shelter without warning. Smh

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First One Shot | State Radio | Peace Between Nations [EP]

"So tip your hat to the gentleman
Or at least nod your head
For only he, knows what stands in front of
What is medicinal at best

'Cause the first one to be shot
Is the last to know
And the garden that grows apart
Is it’s only soul

Don’t ask me to follow suit
It’s just too late now
Our god isn’t what you preach”

August 27, 2008, Rage Against the Machine members, along side James “Jonny 5” Laurie from the Flobots (left) participated in an anti-war march outside the Democratic National Convention in Denver, CO.

Other rockers attended such as State Radio, The Coup, Jello Biafra and Wayne Kramer from the MC5, who joined Rage onstage at their free concert just before the march.

Estelle - American Boy

"Take me on a trip I’d like to go some day
Take me to New York, I’d love to see LA
I really want to come kick it with you
You’ll be my American Boy”

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We Don’t Care Anymore | KRS-One feat. DMX | Digital (2003)

"I’ll keep on bringin’ and singin’ until your ears is ringin’
And stingin’ flingin’ and gleamin’ true MC’n with meanin’
It’s seemin’ we fiendin’ for all the cream and all the screamin’
The demon got us believin’ in schemin’, rhymin’ for no reason
Every weekend we weakened, discipline is what we needin’
But we too busy freakin’ to understand divine speakin’
Is anyone out there tryin’ to make it better?
Or is all of hip-hop about the cheddar? Whatever!”

~KRS-One, verse 1