Guiltiness | Bob Marley feat. Lost Boyz | Chant Down Babylon

"Guiltiness (talkin’ ‘bout guiltiness)
Pressed on their conscience. Oh yeah.
And they live their lives (they live their lives)
On false pretence everyday -
each and everyday. Yeah.

These are the big fish
Who always try to eat down the small fish,
just the small fish.
They would do anything
To materialize their every wish. Oh yeah-eah-eah-eah.

Say: Woe to the downpressors:
They’ll eat the bread of sorrow!
Woe to the downpressors:
They’ll eat the bread of sad tomorrow!
Woe to the downpressors:
They’ll eat the bread of sorrow!
Oh, yeah-eah! Oh, yeah-eah-eah-eah”


Baba Oje of Arrested Development
never actually contributed anything musically to the group. just kinda dances around or sits in his rocking chair during performances lol he is the eldest member, kinda like their “spiritual advisor”

get down, get down. lolol


Bobby Digital




J-88 | Things You Do To Me (Madlib remix)


R.A. the Rugged Man at the Rock N Reel studio in 1994

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Toe side pre drift


9 human rights tragedies the world needs to stop ignoring

It’s a tragically long list: missing women, ethnic cleansing and spreading diseases. Pick any country — including the United States — and there’s most likely a tragedy you’ll uncover that seriously violates international laws and standards. While unleashing international outrage can sometimes hurt more than it helps, there are some situations where it can make a real impact. 

Here are 9 that deserve more attention | Follow micdotcom 

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Sing About Me, I’m Dying Of Thirst - Kendrick Lamar

"My mind is really distorted, I find nothing but trouble in my life"

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